LinkedIn Today Articles

  • Chip Cutter

    This year’s most popular stories on LinkedIn reflect a common theme: self-improvement. Professionals gobbled up advice on how to be more efficient, more productive, and, yes, even more “remarkable” in the eyes of their bosses. The self-help craze reflects, on some level, the realities of the economy. With the unemployment rate at 7.7%, and the economic recovery uncertain, businesspeople are looking for any edge they can find in the workplace.

  • Ryan Roslansky

    You might recall that back in May, we made LinkedIn Today, our social news product, even easier to navigate by completely re-imagining the look and feel of the product. This initiative was driven by one of our key design principles to simplify the experience; creating an elegant, delightful and customized experience for news consumption. In keeping with our continued vision to constantly refine our products with our members’ needs in mind, we are pleased to announce two new…

  • Joseph Chow

    Another month, another Hackday winner! This month we’d like to feature a Hackday product –LinkedIn SpeechIn – that reads out your day’s headlines from LinkedIn Today. Check out other Hackday winners here. – Ed. Here’s something we’re launching today that will make every professional’s work day better. Imagine if you could have your LinkedIn Today news read out to you on your phone while you’re on the go, such as when you’re driving to your office in the morning.

  • Liz Reaves Walker

    Staying on top of industry news is something we think matters for any professional whose success depends on being well informed.  With all the news websites…