Your window to LinkedIn

April 24, 2007

LinkedIn was started with the goal of helping you manage your professional relationships better, and today we’re launching our corporate blog to not only help you leverage LinkedIn more effectively but also to provide you a sounding board for all things LinkedIn.

So, if you’re looking for a singular information source on LinkedIn with regular updates on upcoming product features, tips-and-tricks, and events or if you’d just like to hear about all the fun stuff associated with working at LinkedIn, you have reached the right place.

We have watched the corporate blogosphere evolve into an ecosystem populated with real voices from among a broad range of companies; the LinkedIn blog is another step in that direction. Stay tuned for exciting news we have to share with you on topics ranging from new feature announcements to milestones we've reached.

I’m Mario Sundar, the Community guy at LinkedIn and your blog guide. We consider your feedback an integral part of this conversation, so feel free to share your two cents on how we could make this blog more useful and informative to you.