TIME Magazine picks the 50 Best Websites of 2007

July 9, 2007

TIME Magazine, updates their annual tradition of picking the 50 Best Websites of the year by announcing the selection in 5 different categories: Arts & Leisure, Audio & Video, News & Information, Social Networks and Web Services. No prizes for guessing which category we were selected for. Other websites in the list, range from Twitter (web services) to YouTube's YouChoose 08 campaign (audio/video) and Funny or Die.com to Last.fm (both in the audio/video category). The Social Networks category included eBay's StumbleUpon and Yahoo!'s Bix.com.

Here is the Social Networks nomination for LinkedIn:

A social network for business professionals and career-minded folks, LinkedIn gets respect from the corporate world. Employers use it to recruit new talent; employees use it to network with others in their field. When you create a profile, treat it like a resume. You can build
your personal contacts list by searching for, reaching out to and adding individuals who work for the same company, went to the same business school or know you from a previous job. Ask an old boss or partner to post a recommendation that others can view. The site's search filters help you find experts and contacts by company or industry. Basic accounts are free, but you can pay for premium service that grants you greater access to the network, which now boasts more
than 11 million users. There are corporate memberships too, and all 500 of the Fortune 500 companies have signed on.

Feel free to also check out the entire list of 50 Best Websites. Or, for those interested, here is a list of five sites to avoid. (Source: TIME Magazine)

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TIME Magazine is also running a live poll, which ranks the Top 50 websites where we're currently ranked within the Top 10 websites.

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