Last Week on LinkedIn (July 9, 2007)

July 14, 2007

This past week has been pretty exciting for all of us at LinkedIn. Not only did we reach the "12 million member" milestone, but we also added the last million business users at the fastest rate ever. Interestingly, we've been quickening that pace of adding new members with each passing month. The other piece of encouraging news has been increase in traffic by 323% (Source: Hitwise). Now that I've gotten all of that exciting news off my mind, here's a weekend wrap up of the four blog posts this past week (ranked by popularity):

#1: LinkedIn for consultants: Why, How and Now

No wonder, this was the most popular of the four posts, given that users are always looking for ways to maximize their usage of the service. This was a direct result of a recent event where I spoke for at the Software Developers Forum and the ensuing discussion. We're working on posts related to Top 10 ways professionals can leverage our feature set.

#2: TIME Magazine picks 50 Best Websites of 2007 (and guess who's in the Top 10?)

We're currently ranked 7th with an average ranking of 79 and a total of 2448 votes. Now, you can make it better be making your opinion and vote felt on TIME Magazine's LinkedIn page, which you can find here.

Here is TIME Magazine's list of Top 50 Websites in 2007

#3: LinkedIn Users: Dr. Sharon Nash

Having LinkedIn users talk about their user experience, sounded like a good idea, made all the more interesting since it was the initial user experience of Sharon Nash, mother of Adam Nash (Sr. Director, Product at LinkedIn). Looks like Adam has already started evangelizing his LinkedIn user experience. If you're a user who'd like to share your LinkedIn moment, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

#4: Lifehack'ing LinkedIn: 5 Tips

Yet again, another Tips and Tricks post on ways to maximize the usage of LinkedIn. For those business users, who've always wondered: "I've joined; now what?", here's a quick summary of 5 tips to follow, written by Chris Brogan of the productivity site - Lifehack. Our post closely follows the original post with a few subtle modifications.

Moving forward, the LinkedIn blog will have posts populated under one of the following four categories, in addition to the usual posts from the blogosphere and media:

* Best Practices
* Product Features
* Tips and Tricks
* LinkedIn Users

So, stay tuned for more. Leave a comment as to any additional categories you think we should cover or feedback on the posts we're generating.