Getting Things Done with the Inbox

August 30, 2007

Chris is a Sr. Product Manager, whose core expertise within LinkedIn Answers ranges from "Using LinkedIn" to "Ethics"!

Some of you perusing our site this past week, may have noticed a few changes in the way you organize your Inbox. Yes, there are a few simple changes, besides just the updated look and feel, so I thought I'll take a brief moment to capture and outline the upgrade to your Inbox user experience.

1. Navigation

First off, when you log into the page you'll notice that you can now see a total number of action items that require your attention. These action items are culled from pre-existing open items in six different categories: "InMail" & "Introductions", "Invitations", "Profiles", "Q&A" from LinkedIn Answers, "Jobs" and "Recommendations".

We've also made a modification to the "Received", "Sent" and "Forwarded" icons, which have been moved to the top right hand pane for easier recognition.

2. Sorting & Archival

You can also sort through the various items either by "Sender", "Subject", "Status" and or "Date received". One additional enhancement we have made is your ability to archive all messages at one go. For e.g. when we asked our users for a five word submission for the Webby Awards, we received over 400 answers, which could have been archived much more easily with this capability.

Moving forward, we will be adding feature enhancements to your Inbox experience as is the case with all other aspects of your LinkedIn usage. If you have questions on the Inbox experience, feel free to share them on the blog.