LinkedIn Answers: Barack Obama asks YOU a question on tech entrepreneurship

September 12, 2007

We've been featuring questions from entrepreneurs since we launched the blog, and today we're launching our LinkedIn Answers campaign around the world of Startups and Small Businesses. We have a slew of celebrities lending their questions on topics they'd like to hear your take on.

Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate  asks:

How can the next president help small business and entrepreneurs thrive?

PlayFeel free to check out Barack Obama's LinkedIn group. Alternatively, you can also access Obama's LinkedIn Profile where you can also add an Obama 08 campaign badge to your profile. What's more interesting is finding out who else has also added the Obama 08 badge, within your three degrees of separation.

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Instead of leaving a comment here, please answer Obama's question on LI Answers. We'll have a follow-up post that summarizes some of the answers that have come in (within the first few hours we already have nearly 600 answers) and you can hear about the best answers through the blog.

Please Note: This is not an endorsement. We welcome participation from candidates of all parties asking questions to LinkedIn's professional and business community. We also appreciate your active participation through your answers, questions and comments.