Communicating more effectively through LinkedIn

October 12, 2007

Quick Update: Thanks for all the feedback you've sent us on the new LinkedIn Communication features. Some of you may have noticed that while replying to InMails/Introductions, hitting the "Send" button would reload the page without sending the message. That has been remedied and you should be able to send messages without any hitches right now. Stay tuned to the blog for further feature enhancements coming shortly. 

So, the last time I was on the blog it was to introduce some simple feature enhancements to the LinkedIn Inbox in a post called "Getting Things Done with your Inbox". Today, I'm back to announce a slew of further enhancements that we believe you'll find immensely valuable. Our product, design and engineering teams would love to hear your feedback on the same. So feel free to leave a comment or two.

Here are the three feature enhancements users will notice when you receive or send messages through LinkedIn, next time around:

1. Pictures in all LinkedIn Communication:

Since the launch of photos in LinkedIn profiles, a huge number of our users have chosen to utilize the feature to augment their online professional brand with their photograph. Here's my LinkedIn profile with my picture. We're now taking that one step further by displaying photos in all communication that goes forth between users, whether it's through InMails or Introductions.

In order for the photo to be displayed to the recipient of the message we're allowing the users to choose whether or not they would like their photos to be displayed in all communication with their connections. This feature can be particularly powerful when receiving Invitations. Imagine being able to identify whether an invitation is from someone you had a conversation with at a recent event vs. someone you don't recognize.

2. Receiving Messages:

The receiving preferences for InMails have also been given a makeover and succinctly arranged on one page, so now it's easier for you to choose how you wish to receive any kind of communication within LinkedIn, whether as individual emails, batch emails or if you'd rather just view your emails directly on the site.

The team behind
The "Receiving Messages" command center under "Account and Settings"

3. Revamped InMail system:

And finally, we've also revamped our communication system for In Mails and Introductions to reflect a more consistent look and feel with other messages you're receiving. With all these changes implemented you can certainly expect bigger and better enhancements much more quickly in the future. Stay tuned to the blog for further updates and feel free to leave your feedback/suggestions/questions.

Chris wasn't too happy with the Pizza he had yesterday and is also bummed that he didn't credit Omar Lee in the above video! But, we did get Omar for the group photo below.

The team behind (The LinkedIn Communications team behind Inbox changes | from l - r on top: J.J.Shen, Qian Su, Sean Dawson, Armin Ahumada, and Omar Lee; below from l - r Phay Tac Lau, Chris Richman, and Ruslan Belkin )