International News Roundup | UK, Australia and India

October 26, 2007

I've been wanting to publish the following two links on LinkedIn and social networking, but it's been a busy two days putting together the details for the upcoming LinkedIn Q&A event, featuring Daniel Lyons (Sr. editor at Forbes, faux blogger - "Fake Steve Jobs" and author of "Option$) and Guy Kawasaki (former Apple evangelist and founder at Truemors).

Thus far we've received roughly 250 RSVPs and since seating is limited, it may be a good idea to hurry up and RSVP over at event site Upcoming. And, now back to the post.

Here's a couple of quick posts and a podcast on International news from the LinkedIn world. This seems all the more appropriate since only recently we reached a million users in the UK (read Liz's post here).

* MIS Financial Review, Australia | The Business of Social Networking

Liz O'Donnell (Director, International) participated in a recent panel discussion on the Scoop, a podcast series by Mark Jones, in an episode titled "The Business of Social Networking". Check out the podcast below which also features (besides Liz), MySpace Australia managing director Rebekah Horne, and Technology Venture Partners principal Mike Zimmerman.


Check out the podcast here

* Economic Times, India | Log on to networking sites and find a job

Finding a job through networking sites? Sounds familiar? And, this time the news is from India. Stanton Chase Vice President Asia-Pacific R Suresh, describes his recent conversion to LinkedIn and subsequent experience.

“In the last two-three months, these networking sites have crossed the threshold. LinkedIn is
definitely a valuable tool. Something like the yellow pages,” he says

Stanton Chase and indeed other executive search firms can no longer ignore the emerging
models for recruitment such as business and professional networking sites. Recruitments at large, in some cases even CXO level recruitments through sites such as LinkedIn and Ryze, have made search firms weave these into their recruitment strategy.

Check out the entire article here