Announcing LinkedIn News, Redesigned Homepage & more

December 10, 2007

The past few weeks have seen the release of a slew of features that have helped augment your experience of LinkedIn; features ranging from refinedle next step in that evolution - a completely redesigned homepage as well as further details on LinkedIn's Intelligent Application Platform. In this post we hope to give you a quick snapshot of what's new on LinkedIn today.

Given below is a brief introduction from Adam Nash, Sr. Director of Product, who I was able to catch in our soon-to-move-in expanded work spaces.

Here's what to look out for in the redesigned homepage:

1. Company News:

Start each work day by reading the most relevant news articles about your company, your industry, and your competitors  through a Company News feed ranked by relevance and popularity within your company network.

Picture 1.png

Also, the five most read news articles (or blog posts) show up on your homepage and you can click through to see more. You can also browse through the articles that have been read the most by your colleagues this past week or in the past 2 weeks thereby providing you a complete history of the hot business topics in your professional world.

Check out your Company News on LinkedIn

2. Customizable modules:

In addition to having a new, much slicker look-and-feel, the homepage has also been redesigned to become your professional dashboard where you can view the most important information you need as a professional. For now, you can add any of the following three modules:

a. People
b. Jobs
c. Answers

Picture 4.png

This group of modules is also the online real estate where you'd add the applications created as part of the Intelligent Applications Platform (read more about it here). My personal favorite is the ability to add any one of the categories under LinkedIn Answers as a separate module. I've just added LinkedIn Answers from the Blogging category that I can check each day when I log into LinkedIn.

Add, Drag & Drop your favorite modules now

3. Network Updates:

The other key part of your LinkedIn homepage is the network updates section, which we refined recently. Click here to read more about it and click here to watch Chris Richman, Product Manager, describe the feature in detail.

Picture 3.png

Heard from your professional grapevine?

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Stay tuned for in-depth details on LinkedIn News and the redesigned homepage in upcoming posts.

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