LinkedIn News Roundup | It's all about LinkedIn's News!

December 14, 2007

This past week, saw a lot of press and blog attention showered on our most recent announcements; LinkedIn's redesigned home page (featuring LinkedIn News) and LinkedIn's Intelligent Application Platform. Given below are the highlights of that coverage (Top 5 from Press and Blog posts respectively):



1. New York Times | LinkedIn opens site to developers

LinkedIn said it wants to be a hub for business information.

"When we look forward to 2008, we see people and professionals more and more going beyond the connections and actually using LinkedIn to make themselves more productive on a daily basis," said Adam Nash, senior product director, in a video on LinkedIn's blog.

2. CNN Money | Why you'll finally use LinkedIn

The buttoned down social network has a new CEO, a growing membership and an increasingly useful set of new features.

3. Reuters | LinkedIn courts developers, lands Business Week deal

LinkedIn will open up its service on Monday to outside software developers, starting with
BusinessWeek magazine, to transform itself from an online contacts and referral database into an indispensable daily tool for business users.

4. LA Times | The business of business ties is booming

Perhaps with that goal in mind, Mountain View, Calif.-based LinkedIn is rolling out a new look and new features today. LinkedIn will deliver customized news feeds based on the company and industry in which a user works and introduce applications to help professionals connect,
collaborate and share information, said Forrester Research analyst Jeremiah Owyang.

5. Business Week | LinkedIn Makes its Move

On Monday, LinkedIn is making it clear that it’s far from a has-been. In fact, Nielsen numbers recently showed LinkedIn growing at a faster rate than Facebook.


1. TechCrunch | LinkedIn API and homepage drawing near

As a better destination, LinkedIn would experience higher levels of user engagement and more page views, which in turn would translate into greater advertising revenue.

2. CNET | LinkedIn revamps interface, opens APIs

It'€™s a sensible upgrade, building on LinkedIn’s business focus. Over time, LinkedIn will look more like a personal professional portal than simply place to network with business associates.

3. Venture Beat | LinkedIn launches platform - a better business social network

LinkedIn'€™s new features now put it a step ahead of the competition. In sum, LinkedIn is trying to cement itself as the center of business networking by creating a set of features that make its large database of business relations more valuable.

4. Silicon Alley Insider | No NWS News; but plenty of new features

To sum up: They're designed to make the business person's social network that much more sticky, and from what we can tell, they seem potentially cool!

5. Read/Write Web | Linked Announcement: The Good News and the Bad

This is something we've been really looking forward to. There's so much potential here. The coolest thing LinkedIn announced was the Business Week Partnership

For a more in-depth chronology of blogosphere coverage, check out TechMeme's thread on the day of the announcement.

Wondering what announcements we made earlier this week? Here's a recap of all the announcements (with video interviews):

1. Overview by Adam Nash

2. Intelligent Application Platform by Lucian Beebe

3. LinkedIn News by Allen Blue

4. Redesigned LinkedIn Homepage by Elliot Shmukler