Feature Favorites: The Answers Modules

February 13, 2008

As we've mentioned here before, we're still iterating and testing the new homepage for the LinkedIn website.  Personally, I've been using the new homepage as my primary interface to LinkedIn for two months now, and I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite features of the new page.

One of the best features of the new LinkedIn homepage is the ability to add application modules to personalize your homepage with the information that you find most useful on a regular basis.  As part of the beta program, we're testing three applications, but this is an area where we expect to eventually see thousands of additional applications.

The Answers module is currently my favorite.  For the first time, I'm able to pick the LinkedIn Answers topics that are most interesting to me professionally, and have them available to me immediately when I log into LinkedIn.  Since I can add multiple modules, I've added one for each topic that I follow closely.

The Drop down for adding modules on LinkedIn - Answers

Previously, I used the RSS feature of LinkedIn Answers to add feeds from the interesting topics to my news reader.  Now, with the new homepage, I find myself using the news reader far less for this content, because it's already integrated into the LinkedIn homepage, which I check multiple times per day.

Three LinkedIn Answers module on the redesigned homepage

If you haven't started using the new LinkedIn homepage, now is definitely the time to check it out.  When you do, be sure to use the new Answers module.  I think you'll find that you'll be surprised at how often you click through to interesting questions, and of course, the answer contents beneath them.

As part of our testing, a small percentage of our users are already defaulted in the new LinkedIn homepage. If you are not in this group, but are interested in participating in the beta, please feel free to access the redesigned homepage here

Be sure to click the feedback link at the top of the new homepage to let us know what you think of the new page or leave a comment right here.