Sharing “LinkedIn News” with your professional network

February 14, 2008

Much has been blogged about the "LinkedIn News" feature, which Allen Blue announced towards the end of last year. Since that announcement we've been continually enhancing the feature set to make it much more useful for the millions of professionals who use LinkedIn.

Here's a brief overview of three key functional areas of the "LinkedIn News" feature, which you may have not noticed thus far. These include the most popular news in your network and the ability to share and flag news items. Read on.

1. Most Popular News items within your network

As soon as you log in, you'll be able to see the summary capsule of LinkedIn News, which highlights the five most popular articles read by your professional network. We've also added four different tabs (Most Read, Company, Other companies, Industry) to this dashboard to help you navigate through news that's most relevant in your professional world.

LinkedIn News Dashboard

2. More News (Expanded News Segment)

Since the dashboard provides you with only the five most popular articles in the four categories mentioned above, we also provide an option for you to click through the remaining articles in the most read list through the "See More News" link.

blog - news home.JPG

3. Share News/Flag News

One of the most requested updates for this feature has definitely been the ability to share news clips you find interesting with your professional network. With this update, you should be able to share news items both from the dashboard as well as from the expanded news segments.

blog - news full page.JPG

Clicking through the share icon should enable your sharing the news article with your professional network on LinkedIn.

blog - share an article.JPG

Given that time is of essence for any professional, we'd like to ensure that you and your peers are served only the most relevant news items within your professional network. So, we're providing you an option to flag news items that are either duplicate or spam.

blog - flag article.JPG

Stay tuned to the blog for further updates and continual enhancements. We'd love to hear from you on how we can make this feature even better. So, feel free to leave a comment or two.