LinkedIn News Roundup | Jan 08 (USA Today, WSJ and more)

February 18, 2008

It's been a while since we gave you a summary of press mentions LinkedIn has received in recent times. Here's a sampling of the press coverage received this past month:

1. USA Today | Social Networking sites going global

USATODAY logo.jpg

Wondering how social networking sites have been growing globally, then this is the article for you. Read more on how social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Hi5 have grown internationally this past year.

This month, LinkedIn, the popular networking site for professionals, opened its first office outside the USA, in London. It expects to double its customer base in the U.K. to 2 million this year.

"We are living in a global economy, and all of these economies are interconnected," says Dan Nye, CEO of LinkedIn. Half its 18 million members are outside the USA.

2. Boston Globe | Advantage, Employees


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Penelope Trunk of the Boston Globe highlights five ways employers can attract top talent in the age of social networking.

There is lots of chatter about how resumes are on their way out. There will be blogs, and videos, and LinkedIn profiles and other mechanisms to downplay the concept of a linear career and put upfront the way someone thinks and the ideas he or she has. There should be similar chatter about the near-death of the job listing.

Did you know? You can create a quick PDF version of your LinkedIn profile by clicking on the PDF link on your LinkedIn Profile.

3. Wall Street Journal (WSJ) | What's your Google quotient?

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Speaking of online brand identity, we've written many a post in the recent past were we touted the importance of using LinkedIn to build that professional brand of yours (Check out a couple, here and here). Based on similar themes, the WSJ piece mentioned how one could strengthen their expert status with LinkedIn Answers.

Become an Expert: Some websites offer a "Question and Answers" section and let visitors rate the answers. Here are a few: LinkedIn,, and Yahoo! Answers.

I couldn't agree more with Shelly. As a blogger, I understand how time-consuming it can be to maintain a blog (one of the easiest ways to strengthen your professional brand online). However, with a few quick keystrokes answering questions or raising appropriate ones on LinkedIn Answers can help you solidify your professional brand with less investment of time. Try it.

Check out LinkedIn Answers here. Share your expertise!

4. The Guardian | LinkedIn signals European expansion

The Guardian UK Logo.gif

Jemima Kiss of UK's Guardian, covers some of our recent European expansion news. For those unaware, here's the scoop:

The business social networking site LinkedIn has appointed a European managing director, heralding a new wave of European expansion.

LinkedIn said Kevin Eyres, the former general manager of search engine Alta Vista, will head its European service from a new office in London.

5. Independent | The Grey guy of networking learns to mix it with the poster boys

The Independent Logo.png

And, finally a post that was one of the most widely read posts on "LinkedIn News", which chronicles our rising fortunes, post-CEO-Dan Nye's emergence. The article also delves into our growth numbers in Europe (particularly the UK) where we hit a million members in November 07.

In November the UK hit one million users. Invitations to join LinkedIn from the well-connected have begun to arrive in people's inboxes, with qualifiers like "I know this seems a bit naff but ..." The site now claims to have 9 per cent of the professional workforce signed up and boasts an executive from nearly every FTSE 100 company on its books.

That's it for this month. Stay tuned each week for the hottest news off the press in this series. Feel free to check out our archives for prior coverage.