LinkedIn’s new redesigned homepage with Status

February 28, 2008

On many past occasions I've blogged about incremental changes being made to the LinkedIn homepage design, so I'm really glad to announce the complete redesign of the LinkedIn homepage and am going to to walk you through some of those changes in a demo that you can find below. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section of this blog post.]
As I described in the demo, there are three parts to the homepage redesign:

1. System of Navigation

We've gradually transitioned away from a system of tabs to one of drop-down menus. Check out the horizontal top bar which exemplifies this the best. We've also created a consistent personal navigation bar vertically, which you use to manage the various elements of your professional network.


2. Profile Snapshot (with Status)

This component can be found right below the vertical personal navigation bar on the left. What this allows you to do is figure out how exactly you are presenting your professional identity, how up-to-date and accurate the information is and basically how complete your LinkedIn network is. This profile snapshot also contains the new Status feature that Chris demos here.


3. Customizable widgets panel

In addition to the above enhancements, LinkedIn's redesigned home page includes several customizable modules that I've hinted at in prior blog posts. Currently there are three light-weight applications that allow you to more fully leverage the collective wisdom of your professional network. Stay tuned for more.


- The Answers module showcases what questions your network is asking, so that you can directly contribute to the network's knowledge and perhaps ask a question yourself.
- The People module showcases the contacts you can make through your network (by using the connections of your connections).
- The Jobs module showcases the jobs and opportunities your network can help you with.

And, finally you'll notice that we've pushed out the navigation style across the length and breadth of LinkedIn so now there's a consistent look-and-feel as you traverse our site. Check out how the LinkedIn Groups page looks on LinkedIn currently.

LinkedIn Look-and-Feel.jpg

Feel free to send us your feedback both through the feedback links that you can find on every page or leave a comment on this blog post.

Blooper Reel:
Those of you watching the video demo above may have noticed cameos from Adam, Minna and Ace as they walked past our conference room, but if you're a fan of the "World's Funniest Office Videos", check out the outtakes from my demo, taken at my expense. (Courtesy: Mario and Rob. Thanks, guys!)