LinkedIn News Roundup: The New York Times, WSJ and more

February 29, 2008

The past few weeks have been busy ones here at LinkedIn. :) Have you heard of our homepage redesign or Status feature?

Our most recent news announcement came early this morning and gathered a slew of attention from some top tier publications. As you probably already know, Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft is asking LinkedIn's 20 million users to give him advice about how to get youths involved in science and technology. All LinkedIn members are being granted permission to give answers/make suggestions to Bill's question in real time. It has already received almost 2000 answers.

Take a peak at a few of The LinkedIn Blog's favorite pieces on this particular announcement:

1. The New York Times | Bill Gates and Other Happenings at LinkedIn

Mr. Gates' appearance presents something of a marketing opportunity for the Mountain View, Calif., social network. To coincide with his appearance, Microsoft is buying ads across the site today. It also helps Linkedin promote an unrelated round of changes to the site, including a redesign that allows users to organize blocks of information, or modules, on their profile page, and to write a short statement that keeps their contacts updated on their current doings.

2. The Wall Street Journal | Your Question Here: For a CEO or Presidential Candidate

It isn't the first time public figures have used LinkedIn and other networking sites as a platform. In this election year, there's been a lot of online attempts to "connect" ordinary citizens and the candidates. Five months ago, presidential contender Barack Obama posted a question on LinkedIn.

3. Associated Press | Bill Gates Links Up with LinkedIn

Microsoft Corp.'s big bet on Facebook's online social network isn't stopping Chairman Bill Gates from promoting other popular Internet hangouts. Gates is helping out LinkedIn Corp.'s online professional network by setting up a profile on the service and posing a question to help draw more attention to a makeover of the Web site's front page.

The AP article also appeared in reprinted versions on a number of other sites like Yahoo! News, CNN, ABC News and USA Today.

4. Network World | Gates Shifts Gears on LinkedIn

Social networking has not always been kind to Gates, although he is said to enjoy the technology. Last year, he ran into trouble with his Facebook site when he was overwhelmed with "Friends" requests and had to shut down his site. Microsoft since has made a $240 million investment in Facebook, although it is unclear whether Gates has returned. With LinkedIn, Gates can use privacy settings to prevent random people from asking him to connect to their network.

5. | Bill Gates Networks on LinkedIn

To me, LinkedIn's Q&A feature is great (I've even used it to get sources for my stories). Although, as for Bill, I'm sure there will be a flood of questions. Keep in mind that LinkedIn has 19 million registered users.

What are your thoughts about our brand new homepage design? Did you try and answer Bill Gates' question? Feel free to comment to this blog post. We'd love to hear your thoughts!