LinkedIn MiniProfile With Actions

March 14, 2008

Do you like seeing the network updates feed on the homepage, and seeing when your friends and colleagues have new photos, changed jobs, made new connections, or entered a new status? Have you wished that you could more easily send your contact a quick note to catch up, or more quickly see some basic information about him or her?  Then you’re in luck.

We’ve just released a new feature that works off the network updates feed on the homepage. We call it MiniProfile With Actions.

Now when you hover your mouse over a contact’s name in the network updates feed, you’ll see a MiniProfile pop up. The MiniProfile contains some basic information like your contact’s name, geographic location, and position. It also contains some links that allow you to more directly send your contact an email, or download his or her vCard.

So now when I see that Adam Nash's status says he "likes having the SxSW crowd back at work", I can hover the mouse over his name, and I get his MiniProfile.

So now I can send him a message asking him how the SXSW Interactive conference was, by clicking the "Send Message" link in the MiniProfile.

On the engineering side, this new features leverages a MiniProfile service we put in place a number of months ago for replicating a summary of profile data, along with some other data aggregation, in order to have a more horizontally scalable means of accessing profile data wherever it’s needed on other parts of the site.

We hope this new feature allows users to react to updates from their network and increase interaction with their contacts through LinkedIn.

Thanks to the other members of the team: Scott Schlegel (Web Development), Chris Richman (Product), Shirley Tan (QA), James Richards (Engineering), Boris Roussev (Engineering), and Brad Olcott (User Experience).