Feature enhancements from Network Updates to LinkedIn News

March 15, 2008

This past week saw the introduction of a slew of feature enhancements that I'd like to cover briefly. In addition, stay tuned to news on a few of our partnerships and "LinkedIn News" feature updates, both of which you'll hear more about in the coming weeks. Here are the updates on the following couple of features:

1. Network Updates

a. Expanded Connection Updates: Our connection updates will now tell you who your connections just connected to.  No more “Chris Richman has 2 new connections”… You’ll actually see the names of the connections.

b. Mini-profile with actions: Those mini-profile popups you see on the site will now include several actions you can take on the profile such as sending a message. This will help create a communication loop so members can respond to profile updates, status messages, etc.  It’s built to take into account context, so we can show different actions for non-connections (invite, inmail, etc), and different actions depending on where you are on the site. Read more about it from Dhananjay's post.

2. LinkedIn News:

The news team updated your news freshness, which is always good. News articles for company, competitors, and industry are now sorted by date. This should improve the freshness of articles that appear in those three sections.

Next week, we've a video demo as well as an update on our API partnerships! Have a great weekend!
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