The APEC integration through LinkedIn APIs

March 26, 2008

LinkedIn has been really proud to work with Apec to develop the APIs required for them to tightly integrate your LinkedIn network with their job hunting web site.

If you are in France, then Apec needs no introduction. For the rest of you, Apec is a nonprofit organization that offers job listings and career resources to French professionals, and is one of France’s largest job sites. But Apec doesn’t just list job postings. They want to help you find a job and build your career in every way they can. So, they have offices throughout France to help you in person.

And now, they are deeply integrating professional networking into the job search process and beyond though this integration with LinkedIn. Earlier this month, some of you may have read blog posts that described our collaboration with Apec. Here's a quick video demo of how that collaboration plays out in terms of LinkedIn functionality on the Apec site.

Apec’s integration is very deep. They both help you build and use your LinkedIn network right on their site. So, as you look for a job, you are building a healthy professional network, which helps you long term.

LinkedIn - APEC

You’ll notice that you can see who you know at hiring companies, in industries, and in countries in which you might want to work.  You can also search LinkedIn directly within Apec, helping you find hiring managers and helping hiring managers find you.  They also pipe in your network updates just to make sure you stay close to your LinkedIn network while you are on the Apec site.

This has been a win-win for both Apec as well as for us. While Apec is one of the largest job boards in France, LinkedIn continues growing the world's largest online group of professionals, with close to 21 million professionals as of today. Moreover, in a global economy when the world is getting flatter with each passing day, even looking for a job down the street requires access to a global network of business professionals to help you.

For more information, check out a very cool interactive demo on site. Please note: The demo is in French.