Your Network Updates’ Personal RSS Feed

March 28, 2008

Many users have asked us for a RSS feed of Network Updates and as I'd commented over two weeks ago, we now allow you to subscribe to your network updates via RSS!  Find the ubiquitous orange RSS logo right next to the Network Updates sign on LinkedIn's homepage, right below the LinkedIn News module.

LinkedIn Network Updates RSS Feeds

Once you click through that you'll be taken to this landing page, which provides you the option to subscribe to an RSS feed of Network Updates.

LinkedIn RSS Feeds

While on the topic of RSS feeds, this is probably a good time to remind you that you can actually subscribe to a feed of LinkedIn Answers in any particular category/sub-category and that way be informed of the latest Questions & Answers whenever they happen.

LinkedIn Answers RSS Feed

We'll continue making it easier for you to access LinkedIn's features wherever you go. Did you know that you can access LinkedIn's Network Updates on your mobile device. Check out Jerry's post earlier today on new LinkedIn Mobile features with a demo on the iPhone. Feel free to leave a message with feedback, comments, or suggestions.