Learn more about “People You May Know”

April 11, 2008

We've recently enhanced "People you may know" by expanding it to more users and providing a means for you to give us feedback about the quality of the recommendations. This feature has been around for almost a year and the goal is to suggest people you may want to connect to. You now have the ability to eliminate suggestions; this valuable feedback will aid us improving our algorithms and deliver you more relevant results.

Let me clarify that this feature is very targeted so not everyone necessarily has results. Also, it is still being rolled out and we are expanding the methods we use to compute results so please check back. Here's a quick rundown that will help you navigate this nifty LinkedIn feature:

1. Find: You'll notice that LinkedIn's "People you may know" is the first module that you'll find on the top right hand pane of your redesigned LinkedIn homepage showcasing three relevant recommendations of people you may know.

2. Fine-Tune: The best part of the feature is that you can avoid seeing the same recommendations each time you log into LinkedIn, by identifying the recommendation as one of the following:

a. I don't know them
b. I don't know them well enough
c. Prefer not to connect
d. Other reason

3. See More: If you'd like to check out additional recommendations, click on
the "See More." This will lead you to a landing page with more results listed (if there are additional ones for you).

You can also import contacts from your preferred email provider or use the education and colleague reconnect features to look for past colleagues and classmates. Finally, you can try a name search in the search box near the top-right to look for particular individuals.

Hopefully you'll be delighted by some of the results! Feel free to leave comments or feedback at the end of this blog post.

Who are the "People you may know"? Check it out here.