Linked[In the News]: Week of April 14, 2008

April 18, 2008

Nothing says Friday quite like the weekly LinkedIn news round up! Here's our top five for this week (in no particular order):

1. New York Times: Why "Flirting" on LinkedIn is Important!

Marci Alboher, the "Shifting Careers" columnist/blogger at The New York Times wrote a great piece yesterday about why it's important to be on LinkedIn even if you aren't currently looking for a job. In her piece Marci points out that

In fact, if you have a boss, he or she may be pleased to know you're out there connecting because that can help you do your job." She goes on to note that sites like LinkedIn have become, "...accepted tools for finding consultants, partners, service providers or even answers to questions that can be addressed to your network."

2. Computerworld: Comments on Senator John McCain's question on LinkedIn Answers

It's no secret that LinkedIn is full of more than 21 million amazing and ambitious professionals, so it comes as no surprise that Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain would want to see what's on the mind of today's savvy professionals. McCain was the latest in our long list of celebrity guests (Microsoft's Bill Gates, Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama, etc.) who've hopped online to hear from the largest online community of professionals.

The question that McCain posed was, "Please let me know what you view as the biggest challenge facing America". The question is now closed, but McCain received over 3,000 responses to his question. If you'd like to check out Heather Havenstein's article on Computerworld, head here.

3. Entrepreneur: Miss Manners 101 for Online Networkers

Gwen Moran of Entrepreneur wrote a piece on how to navigate potential awkward situations online. If you're interested in learning what you should do when someone you don't know sends you an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, check out Heather's piece here

4. Advertising Age: Who Gets Hugs?

Our Very Own LinkedIn Evangelist/Blogger Mario Sundar! Beth Snyder Bulik of Advertising Age posted an article about how to decide whether or not your company needs a chief blogger. One of our very own, Mario Sundar, got called out in the piece by Mack Collier (a social-media consultant and blogger at the Viral Garden) as, "a single personality positively affecting a brand." Way to go Mario!

5. CIOCXO Media and LinkedIn Connect

CXO Media and LinkedIn announced a partnership this week that will enable CXO readers to leverage both the publications' content and their LinkedIn network to "discover and create professional connections between you and the companies you read about." If you're interested in learning more about the partnership, check out Michael Friedenberg's CEO Letter.