LinkedIn at Graphing Social Patterns East

June 8, 2008

This weekend I am flying out to speak at the O'Reilly Graphing Social Patterns 2008 conference in Washington, DC.  LinkedIn is one of the featured keynotes, and we're extremely excited to be presenting our philosophy & vision at the event.

Here is the official schedule:

LinkedIn: The Business Social Network
Tuesday, June 10th @ 9:10am

I'll also be participating in a panel on Network Updates:

Social Networks & the NEED for FEEDS
Tuesday, June 10th @ 3:50pm

For the keynote, the primary topic will revolve around LinkedIn's focus on the professional, and how it impacts our strategy on both our advertising and application platforms.  We'll definitely follow up here on the blog with a copy of the slides from the event, as well as thoughts and learnings from the conference.

If you are interested in attending the event, it's not too late.  Click here to register, and use the code gspe08fos to get a 20% discount.

Hope to see you there!