Graphing Social Patterns East: Keynote Wrap-up

June 13, 2008

As mentioned last week here on the LinkedIn blog, I had the privilege to deliver a keynote at this year's O'Reilly Graphing Social Patterns 2008 conference in Washington, DC.  LinkedIn was one of the featured keynotes, and it was great to have a chance to present our philosophy & vision at the event.

Since I know we have many members who may not have had a chance to attend the event, let me be the first to say that it was a great conference.  There are so many interesting problems right now on the social web:  economic, technical, and philosophical.  Many thanks to Dave McClure and team for setting up and hosting such a great event

Here are the key highlights from the presentation:

  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network: the new medium for how business gets done.  Our members find new ways to interact with each other and improve their business every day.
  • LinkedIn a Purpose-Driven Network.  LinkedIn was built and designed specifically with the business professional in mind.  That kind of focus and relevance makes us as valuable as possible to the professional who comes to LinkedIn for the specific purpose of getting business done.
  • LinkedIn believes in Business Relevance.  The one thing professionals need more of is time.  We work every day to bring as much focus and value to every single interaction on LinkedIn, and that deeply affects the design of our product.
  • Our focus on business relevance extends directly to our thinking around advertising and application development on our professional networking platform.

Here are the three live-blogs of the keynote I gave, called "LinkedIn: The Business Social Network":

You may note my comment on the last one, and the follow-up post it generated...

In addition, here are is the full slide deck from the presentation, posted on SlideShare:

Lastly, here is a kind-of goofy photo of me giving the keynote on Flickr, courtesy of James Duncan Davidson:

I'll follow up with a second post here on the NEED for FEEDS panel, and some final thoughts and lessons I took away from the conference.