LinkedIn Polls: Senator John McCain polls users on gas affordability

July 9, 2008

This is my first post on the LinkedIn Blog. I'm an associate product manager here at LinkedIn and I am excited to announce one of the early LinkedIn Polls on our site. This poll question is asked by Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain -- his LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Senator McCain asks what has the most long-term potential to make gas affordable for Americans, a topic that's definitely on the top of voters' minds this general election. Thus far, over 2500 professionals on LinkedIn have given their two cents. Here's a chance to make your voice heard: join thousands of other professionals by answering Senator McCain's question and clicking on one of the choices within the poll below. [ed: the poll is now over (oct 2008)]

Once you vote on the poll, you'll be taken to a page that not only shows you a summary of the up-to-the-minute results, but also displays a detailed breakdown of how certain types of professionals answered this question (for example, the segment below shows how results vary if you compare the responses of business owners, C-Level executives/VPs, managers, and general employees). The below results summary was taken at 2 PM Pacific, on July 8, 2008.

Results of McCain - LinkedIn Poll (as of 2 PST, Jul 8, 08)

For those of you interested in knowing more, LinkedIn Polls allows professionals to conduct business and market research by tapping into the wisdom of the business crowd on LinkedIn. The product is currently in beta while we work with a number of early partners who want to use LinkedIn Polls to do research.  If you are interested in becoming a partner during this beta phase, click here to send us your contact information and a brief description of your company’s research objectives.  Stay tuned for more polls on the site, and in the future, the ability for everyone to "poll your network" and create, target, and publish polls on LinkedIn.

Feel free to leave a comment or two. Or better yet, experience LinkedIn Polls by answering the above question from Senator McCain or viewing the results page.

Editor's Note: This is not an endorsement. We welcome participation from candidates of any party posing questions to our user community. We also encourage our users' active participation both with their answers and feedback.