Search your LinkedInbox with ease

July 11, 2008

How many times have you thought to yourself? Wouldn't it be nice if I could search through my Inbox on LinkedIn. We are really glad to announce this much requested feature this week, close on the heels of the LinkedIn Group Search functionality announced by my colleague, Ben, a few days ago.

LinkedIn Toolbar Search.jpg

1. Where can I find LinkedIn Search?

Start looking along the horizontal navigation header on the homepage (see above screenshot)

LinkedIn Search 2.jpg

You may notice this one-stop search drop-down menu also includes the ability to search within LinkedIn Groups, in addition to searching your Inbox.

LinkedIn Search 1.jpg

2. Let's Search!

How about looking for any Inbox communication thread with the "developer" keyword in my Inbox. Remember this search will also produce results from your Inbox's Archives.

LinkedIn Search 3.jpg

The greyed-out results are pulled from your Archive. So, you don't lose any communication you've received.

LinkedIn Search 4.jpg

Feel free to leave your feedback, comments at the end of this post. We believe this will definitely help you navigate your professional life with far greater ease.

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