Working at LinkedIn!

July 11, 2008

This is my first post on the LinkedIn Blog that I write less than a month since I started here as Vice President of People Operations. I became a member of LinkedIn the day the site launched on May 5, 2003, and I’m thrilled to be playing a role in helping build a truly great company.

The LinkedIn team has more than tripled in size in the last 12 months; we’ve hired over 200 talented individuals in every possible group within the company ranging from engineering to marketing. We’ve got the core of a world-class team, but we’re just getting started; as we continue to grow and expand, we’re continuing to seek the best and the brightest. And as we bring new people into the organization, we’re committed to give them the best professional experience of their lives.

My joining here has coincided with the launch of LinkedIn's revamped recruiting site - Work at LinkedIn. We have made the site easier to navigate and filled it with the most current information that any job seeker needs to learn about working at LinkedIn. It's broken into five simple categories:

1. Culture
2. Benefits
3. Technology
4. Teams
5. Open Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs - Jim Meyer and Jerry Luk LinkedIn Jobs - Steve Ganz and Chris Saccheri

Here's an interesting tidbit on the recruiting site's homepage. The different keywords that populate the "knowledge halo" around the featured LinkedIn'ers is an accurate representation of their professional interests!

LinkedIn Jobs - Elizabeth Reaves, Riccardo Ferreti

Expect the new recruiting site to be filled with the latest info both on what's happening at LinkedIn, the latest job openings and the folks you’ll work with if you join us on this journey. Because we believe the perfect work environment is the one in which you not only enjoy the work but also the company you share. Isn't that the essence of professional networking!