LinkedIn DirectAds

July 15, 2008

As the world's largest and fastest-growing professional network, LinkedIn is a fantastic place for businesses of all sizes to reach professionals with targeted messaging.

That's why today we're announcing LinkedIn DirectAds, a new online product designed for LinkedIn members who want to market their business, product, or service to other members. While large brands and companies will be best served by contacting our sales team, DirectAds lets LinkedIn members purchase audience-targeted text advertising on the site for their businesses of any size. For example, maybe you're a tax accounting firm looking to reach young professionals, or you're a design agency looking to find potential new clients in key industries, or maybe you've just written a new book on a career or business topic. You can use DirectAds to get the word out to your target customers.

Using DirectAds, members can specify the audience that will see their ads (based on seven different criteria), write targeted messaging for their products, and pay by credit card - Premium Account holders even get 50% off. The whole process takes just a few minutes. We've opened up the product to a large number of our members, so you can try it out for your own business at .

Like existing ads on our site today, DirectAds advertisements are intended to be non-obtrusive messages that accompany the overall experience of LinkedIn. Note that you won't see any additional ads with the introduction of this product and every DirectAds ad includes the advertising member's name and profile data, so you'll know who is trying to reach members like you.

We think that DirectAds will be a simple and valuable way for members to market their service, business, or product to the rest of the LinkedIn community. Please note that LinkedIn DirectAds is currently available to only U.S. members, but other than that feel free to try it out for yourself at and send over any comments to