The New York Times gets LinkedIn

July 21, 2008

We're glad to announce the launch of our strategic relationship with that will allow readers to receive targeted news articles based on their unique attributes. In addition, they’ll also be able to share and discuss articles they read on with other LinkedIn members in their network.

Below is a quick overview of the two features and how you can make use of them, both on LinkedIn and on the site (NYT):

1. Receive targeted news headlines on NYT

With the relationship, members can now receive targeted headlines in every article of the Business & Technology sections (not the homepage) based upon that member’s profession and industry, providing users with the most relevant and valuable content for their profession.

Targeting News to Industry Professionals

LinkedIn will power a targeted headline feature on’s Business and Technology pages that will highlight the five latest Times articles relevant to readers based on the non-personally identifiable attributes of their LinkedIn profile (see image below to the right of the article).

For example, LinkedIn members who work in the energy sector will have the option to get relevant, targeted Times stories that cover the energy industry.

Expanded NYT News Targeting (Industry Specific)

2. Share NYT articles on LinkedIn

The second feature we're announcing today enables you to share any article you read on NYT with your LinkedIn Company Network. This feature is incorporated into the "Share" tool on all article pages in the New York Times site.

Share NYT Article on LinkedIn

Once you click on the Share icon, you’ll have the option to share that article either with your company network or select individuals in your LinkedIn network.

Expanded Share NYT Article on LinkedIn


This is yet another way you can add value to your LinkedIn experience both on and off our site by leveraging the power of your professional network.

For more information on the announcement, please check out the New York Times' press release as well as our joint announcement on the NYTimes site. Feel free to leave your comments right here on the blog.