LinkedIn Groups: Look who’s talking now?

August 28, 2008

LinkedIn Groups has always been the central place on LinkedIn for users to form communities around professional interests. Thus far, users have used Groups to search and contact one another. But, today's
adds the most requested feature of them all - Group Discussions.

This is the first step in a series of upgrades to the Groups functionality that you will be seeing in the months to come. In addition to discussions, given below are three more new feature enhancements to LinkedIn Groups:

  • Group home page: A private space for your members on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Groups Overview 2.jpg
  • Discussion
    : Simple discussion spaces for you and your members. (You can turn discussions off in your management control panel if you like)
LinkedIn Groups Discussions.jpg
  • Enhanced roster: Searchable list of group members.
LinkedIn Groups Members.jpg
  • Digest emails: Daily or weekly digests of new discussion topics, which your members may choose to receive. We will be turning digests on for all current group members shortly but highly recommend your setting the frequency of emails to your own preference.
Groups Digital Digest.jpg

In addition to the above feature enhancements, we've also made it easier both for group managers and group members to optimize their groups experience.

  • Group management: In addition to the above four basic feature set, we've also added a slew of enhancements that makes it even easier for group managers to run the group.
LinkedIn Groups Manage.jpg
  • User management: Most importantly, we also would like users to optimize their groups experience by getting to pick and choose how often they'd like to receive their email digest
LinkedIn Groups Settings.jpg

We're confident that these new features will spur communication, promote collaboration, and make your group more valuable to you and your members. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the new functionality and get a group discussion going by posting a welcome message.

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