CNBC gets LinkedIn

September 3, 2008

Quick Update: Check out both Dan Nye's question on LinkedIn Answers as well as a CNBC interview he gave earlier today around the partnership. Check out Dan's interview here.

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Today, I’d like to announce the start of our collaboration with one of the most recognized leaders in global business news – CNBC! This collaboration includes CNBC integrating LinkedIn's community and networking functionality into, enabling users to share and discuss news with their professional networks.

Here are the three broad implications of the CNBC-LinkedIn collaboration for our users:

1. On LinkedIn: LinkedIn’s rapidly growing user base of over 27 million professionals now have an opportunity to both consume as well as share with their professional network, breaking business news & content from CNBC that ranges from articles and blogs to financial data and video content.

2. On As a regular user, you’ll start seeing LinkedIn’s community and networking functionality integrated on (for e.g. sharing CNBC articles with your professional network on LinkedIn or finding out who in your network connects you to the companies you read about).

3. On CNBC: Community-generated content from LinkedIn will also be broadcast on CNBC programs. These include survey results and on-air Q&A with CNBC anchors, reporters and guests.

These are the three areas we’re planning for in our collaboration with CNBC in the coming months. We believe this will help our users stay on top of the latest in their field of business and more importantly, will enable them to share that information with their professional network -- at the speed of business.

In the spirit of community involvement, I would like to ask you, our members, what ideas you may have for how CNBC and LinkedIn can work together to help you.  Please submit your answers here.

Dan Nye
CEO, LinkedIn