Finding a $250K contract on LinkedIn Answers – Steven Shimek, Ruder Finn PR

September 5, 2008

Could the phrase "A penny for your thoughts" define the nascent urge of business consulting? If so, the LinkedIn Answers service presents the modern business equivalent of that phrase, and our ongoing series of successful LinkedIn users shows how this week. Where some employ the service to answer tough business questions, and others to gather quick market research, Steven Shimek uses it to showcase his expertise — and build business relationships which bring in lucrative contracts for his firm. Steven, a Senior VP at Ruder Finn Public Relations in Los Angeles, used LinkedIn first to find his current position, and then began answering questions on LinkedIn Answers. This led to multiple business developments for Ruder Finn, not the least of which was a a $250,000 contract.

A quartermillion for your thoughts? That's the opportunity Steven found.

LinkedIn User Snapshot

Who: Steven Shimek, Senior Vice President, Ruder Finn PR (Los Angeles)

How: Steven replies to business questions posted on LinkedIn Answers and  advocates drafting a response "in such a way that it showcases your company's capabilities." By posting a qualified, valuable answer to business questions, he builds relationships that often turn into business opportunities. Steven also describes LinkedIn as a "litmus test", saying that when a company's key players are not on LinkedIn, they're often not serious about the business.

LinkedIn Tip from Steven

Showcase your company's capabilities

• Search LinkedIn Jobs to find the position that best suits your talents
• Post qualified responses on LinkedIn Answers to showcase your professional expertise
• Be a resource to your friends and clients and associates, adding value to relationships that may help you

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