Announcing LinkedIn’s faster iPhone App

September 16, 2008

This is a quick post to announce that we have now made additional changes to LinkedIn's native iPhone app to optimize its performance. You may have read our earlier posts on LinkedIn Mobile as well as the native iPhone app, which we launched recently.

Here are three enhancements to LinkedIn's Native iPhone app that will significantly improve your experience:

  1. Faster loading for profiles and status updates
  2. Faster list scrolling
  3. Numerous stability and optimization fixes
LinkedIn's native iPhone app

Here are the five most important features you'll be able to access on LinkedIn's native iPhone app today:

  1. Status: Broadcast your status to your professional network when you're on the road
  2. Address Book: Pull up information on any of your contacts as you travel
  3. Search: Saving your search history and results by keywords, name, company & title
  4. Add: Invite peers and colleagues you meet at events to LinkedIn
  5. Research: View the public profiles of individuals you meet at conferences