A cleaner look for your LinkedIn Profile

October 9, 2008

As many of you know, the Profile page is one of the most important pages on LinkedIn. It is how you present your professional background and identity to other LinkedIn members and it is what you look at first when you consider contacting or connecting with someone on LinkedIn.

Well starting today, the Profile page will have a new look. All the information & tools you’ve come to expect are still there, but the page now has a cleaner look with subtle enhancements.

Here’s what to look for:

1) A new visual presentation

We’ve taken this opportunity to clean up the presentation of the page -- grouping related elements and tools, simplifying some editing prompts and tips, and making sure that the most important information stands out from everything else.


The “blue card” you’ll see at the top of every profile page is one way of doing this – serving to highlight and organize the most important profile information.

2) An enhanced Profile Completion meter

The Profile Completion meter is an ever-present indicator of the state of your profile throughout the site. Unfortunately, many of you have complained that it’s hard to know what to do to complete your profile and move that meter toward 100%. Today's meter does showcase a suggested next step in completing a profile -- but the suggested step may not always be an easy one.


The newly improved Profile Completion meter, however,  shows all the steps you can take to further improve the completion of your profile (and how much each step will move the completion meter). Hopefully, the additional options will help everyone on their way to 100% profile completeness.

3) A single location for all profile tools

Each profile you view gives you a set of actions you can take in relation to that profile and the member to whom it belongs. You can contact the LinkedIn member in question via InMails and messages, leave a recommendation for one of your connections, or forward the profile.


But, did you know that you can also print out a profile? Export a profile to a PDF file? Or as a premium account holder, quickly search for background references on any member whose profile you view? Many of you were not aware of these more advanced LinkedIn tools because they were not easy to find on the profile page. Well, once again, we’ve tried to fix all that -- with all the available tools now appearing in the upper right hand corner of any profile.

We hope these changes improve your LinkedIn experience. But as with any significant change, there may be small issues to fix or adjustments that still need to be made.

So, as usual, feel free to leave us any feedback by commenting on this post or clicking the “Help improve LinkedIn” link at the bottom of any LinkedIn page.