LinkedIn Groups learns to share

October 9, 2008

In July this year, we announced LinkedIn Groups' searchable directory to make it easier for you to find the groups you'll derive the most benefit from. In August, we turned on the discussions feature and just last month Monica Rogati blogged about "Groups you might Like" that makes it easier for you to stumble upon - (yes, you guessed right) - groups you might like!

I'm glad to be back with more Groups enhancements, which provide you ways to share, customize and organize the groups that you've now become a part of.

1. Sharing your Groups with your professional network

How many times have you wanted to share your favorite new LinkedIn group with other members of your professional network? Starting today, you should be able to share that group with select connections in your group from the Group Profile page.

Share LinkedIn Groups

2. Customize your Group Discussions

Also, for those of you who've been wondering how to edit or delete either a discussion or comments  in a discussion thread, we've now included features that should make those possible.

Edit Discussions on LinkedIn Groups

3. Easier organization of your groups

For members of multiple groups who'd like better tools to organize and prioritize so that the most important groups (for you) show up on the left hand navigation bar on your homepage (see the highlighted portion below), check out our new "Groups Order and Display" page.

LinkedIn Groups Order and Display

Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.