How LinkedIn helped Ron Lissak bring in over $300K in business

October 16, 2008

Ron Lissak, managing partner at Catapult Advisors told me in an interview (see below) how he uses LinkedIn to equalize the differences between a smaller firm like Catapult and the much larger firms he'd worked for in his past. In the video interview below, Ron talks about LinkedIn as a research tool and its ability to unearth hidden connections through the power of common contacts.

Many of those connections have yielded millions of dollars in business and brought in "many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars" in fees to firms such as Ron's. In his own words:

It enables a small firm like Catapult to compete effectively with much larger firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley!

LinkedIn User Snapshot

Who: Ron Lissak, Managing Partner at Catapult Advisors:

How: The key to Ron's success using LinkedIn lay in LinkedIn search, which he used effectively to research potential prospects and clients. How many of you are aware that the power of LinkedIn search is tremendously amplified when you try Advanced Search?

LinkedIn's Advanced People search

Also, for single point access to search across different pages (People, Inbox, Answers, Groups, and Jobs)  try the search bar on the top right hand corner of your homepage right above the header.

LinkedIn Search 1.jpg

LinkedIn Tip from Ron:

Research people, answers, groups, and jobs using LinkedIn Search

The right person, talent, or knowledge you’re looking for is already on LinkedIn. Use search to find what you need to be more effective professionally:

  • Search by name and other distinguishing characteristics to quickly locate the person you are looking for.
  • Use the advanced search to target specific skill sets or find subject-matter experts.
  • Conduct reference searches on potential job candidates and business partners.