USA Today: LinkedIn and the business of productivity

October 17, 2008

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Let's start off with a post on the business of productivity (USA Today) written by Jon Swartz, which references LinkedIn's presence in that space.

Dan Nye - CEO, LinkedIn(Dan Nye, CEO, LinkedIn. Photo: Dave Getzschman)

The article quotes our CEO, Dan Nye, on the future of business productivity and how every professional's network could help them get more done in less time. See below.

Practically, corporate social networks also cut down on unnecessary e-mail and instant messages among co-workers, says Dan Nye, CEO of LinkedIn, a social network of more than 28 million people, most of them business professionals. Private social networks let "people choose what they want to read and discuss, based on their participation, without being intrusive and annoying," he says.

LinkedIn's new service, Company Groups, digitally gathers into a single, private Web forum all of a company's employees. There, they can talk to one another, share ideas and ask company-related questions. So far, 1,000 companies have signed up for the service.

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LinkedIn Tips & Tricks:

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LinkedIn Groups:

LinkedIn Groups is your destination to find and join communities of professionals based on common interest, experience, affiliation, and goals. Stay in touch with organizations, schools, and companies that you are and were a part of, network with professionals with similar interests and goals, and collaborate in a professional community online.

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The above tips are just the "tip of an iceberg" that'll help you reduce the time spent finding that next client or that dream job of yours. (Source: LinkedIn Learning Center)