Talking digital with Hulu, JibJab and Thumbplay

November 3, 2008

A recent report by Juniper Research says that by 2013, mobile will be a $300 billion marketplace. To get a better picture of the digital distribution business, we talked to some experts in digital content: Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu; Gregg Spiridellis, CEO and Co-founder of JibJab; and Mitch Rotter, SVP of Content and Acquisitions at Thumbpla

Online, Hulu ties advertisers to the best premium content in a well-lit environment, and JibJab offers personalized Sendables in line with its creative brand. These business models transfer naturally over to the mobile space, where businesses are adapting to sell advertising, services, creative content, and applications to deliver them easily. Thumbplay, for example, has negotiated countless agreements to sell games, music, video, graphics and ringtones across several mobile carriers.

As Google's Android platform shipped last month on the T-Mobile G1 smartphone, it might be a good time to look at the business of digital and ask: where can my company add value in the mobile space? Mobile represents a wild west of opportunity for entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers and content creators, while gateways like the iTunes App Store enable savvy pioneers to make a quick ROI from simple apps. With a $300 billion market cap over the next five years, expect mobile to draw a lot of attention from new industries and bit players alike. Most importantly, mobile lets businesses ask the question: what would you put in the pocket of every professional?

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