Announcing LinkedIn Events

November 7, 2008

LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers cater to two of the three most important activities professionals engage in to further their career and starting today, we're launching the third and most important piece of that puzzle - LinkedIn Events.]

Now all LinkedIn users should be able to find events and conferences that are most suitable for your career based a combination of your professional network and information culled from your LinkedIn profile. Given below are the key touch points for LinkedIn Events starting on your homepage:

1. Receive Event Recommendations

The first time you encounter LinkedIn events on your homepage, you will be shown conferences and other professional events that match your specific business needs based on the information you've added to your LinkedIn profile; such as criteria Job Title, Industry, etc. These are carefully selected from our database of eight thousand plus event listings provided by sources that range from Techweb to Eventbrite.

LinkedIn Events - Homepage

2. Search for Events by Industry, Date, Location

I'm sure many professionals would also be interested in perusing our database of events to find ones that they'd like to follow or attend based on speakers, topics, conference organizer... This can be done on your Events browse page. And, furthermore, if you search, your results can be filtered by other criteria such as industry, date and how close events are being held to your location.

3. See Attendees going to specific Events

The power of LinkedIn Events is magnified when you're able to prune your list of events by finding those events your professional network plan to attend. This allows you to focus just on the events that matter to you, and make the connections that are so important to all our careers.


4. Indicate your participation status

Don't forget to let your network know if you are participating in an event -- it's part of your professional reputation.  On LinkedIn Events, you  can tell everyone you that are (i) Attending, (ii) Presenting, or (iii) Exhibiting. Updating your event status not only  broadcasts to your professional network, but will also be added to your digital resume on your profile.

LinkedIn Events Participation Status

5. Event Updates and History

As with all other activities on LinkedIn, you can also see network updates on events from your professional network both on the LinkedIn Events page as well as a history of all the events that you've either attended or plan on attending.

In addition, we have at launch over eight thousand events, including events from high profile organizers such as:

LinkedIn has also partnered with Eventbrite, a leading provider of online event management and ticketing services, to provide LinkedIn with information about events related to their users.

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