How Mark Kvamme found Ross Levinsohn through LinkedIn

November 14, 2008

Here's a LinkedIn user best practice to end the week with. You've probably seen a lot of our past users describe their Aha moments - whether it be finding a $1M client or creating an "accidental" global enterprise - but millions of other users find their Aha moments through simple mutual introductions that LinkedIn affords on a daily basis.

This week, we shine the spotlight on Mark Kvamme (partner at Sequoia capital, one of LinkedIn's early institutional investors), who's also on LinkedIn's board of directors. Mark talks of his original Aha moment on LinkedIn - finding and connecting with Ross Levinsohn through a mutual connection, Marc Andreessen.

Also, the biggest priority (and, challenge) for entrepreneurs is finding the right talent for their companies. LinkedIn can be a boon for start ups since it enables you to find the right candidates to lead various disciplines in your company through the power of a mutual introduction.

2 Quick Tips from Mark Kvamme

1. How to ask for a mutual introduction on LinkedIn

1. Go to the profile of Person A
2. Click “Send a message”
3. Click the link “Include others on this message”
4. Type in the name of Person B
5. Write my message

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2. How to search like a Pro on LinkedIn

1. Jump right into advanced search
2. The Magic of Boolean Search: AND, OR, NOT
3. Leverage the sorting functions

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