Company profiles are now public

November 18, 2008

Fundamentally, the Internet is about connecting people to information. Every business needs to connect with partners, customers and potential recruits to succeed. Starting this Thursday, we've made portions of our company profiles accessible to search engines--this way, when you search for 'Houston medical device companies' or 'Open Geophysical', you'll now find information at your fingertips with LinkedIn company profiles in your search results.

Technically, it’s pretty simple:

•    Allow anonymous access to our company profiles
•    Provide friendly URLs, e.g.:

As a regular LinkedIn user, when you follow any link to a company, you will see the usual company profile page, customized for you.  For anonymous access (anyone who is not signed in) we changed the layout a bit.

Take a look: Amazon, NVIDIA, Intel (make sure you're signed out).

We’ve got over 160,000 company profiles, which anyone can now link to, find in web search results (google: eBay), run through a translator (Yahoo! in German), etc..  These company public profiles are densely linked both with each other and with our member public profiles, making for a pretty substantial web of publicly available data.

Check out our directory of companies to make sure your company’s profile is up-to-date. If we don't have a profile for your company, add it here.

Send us your feedback and any ideas you have for how we can help companies better express themselves.