Now your LinkedIn profile speaks Español, Français, & 41 more languages

November 19, 2008

Since the launch of the Spanish language version of LinkedIn, we’ve had one consistent request from our multilingual users – how can I create a Spanish profile as well?

After all, if you’re a professional in today’s global world, your network may extend well beyond the borders of your home country. And if a Spanish-speaking contact comes to view your profile via the Spanish version of LinkedIn, shouldn’t they be viewing your profile in Spanish as well?

We, of course, thought this was a great idea. So today we’re rolled out the ability to translate your existing LinkedIn profile into any of 41 languages.

Once translated, your original profile remains unchanged, but members that prefer to use or search LinkedIn in a different language will see the translated version instead. So if you create a Spanish profile via the steps below, LinkedIn members using the site in Spanish will see your Spanish profile instead of your English one.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Creating Your LinkedIn Profile in a Different Language

Creating a translated version of your profile in a desired language is easy. Just click on the “Profile” link in the left hand side navigation and go to your “Edit My Profile” page.

On this page, click the “Create your profile in another language” link on the right hand side.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile in a different language

2. Beginning to Translate Your New Profile

After clicking the link above, you’ll be given the chance to kick-start the translation process by choosing the language into which you are translating and proving a translated first name, last name, and professional “headline”. Throughout the translation process we will show the content on your original (or as we call it, primary) profile to guide you in your work (it’s in blue below).

Once you complete the initial translation step above, you will be brought to the “Edit My Profile” page for the language into which you are translating your profile.

This page is just like the normal “Edit My Profile” page but is now editing the translated version of your profile in the language that you’ve chosen. Note that you can always return to this page (or find the “Edit My Profile” page for any language in which you’ve created a profile) by using the drop down in the upper right hand corner of the page.

3. Completing the Translation

You’ll notice that to keep things simple, many of the elements of your profile are shared across all of your profile languages and versions. If you add a position, for example, it will appear on your profile for all languages.

However, from the “Edit My Profile” page for the desired language, you can always click on any of the “Edit” links to adjust how that position, education or other piece of information appears in the language of your choice.

On all such resulting edit pages, we will always show you content from your original/primary profile (in blue) to guide your adjustments & translation. These pages will also show you the full list of languages in which you have profiles (and where similar adjustments may be needed) on the right hand side of the page.

4. How Others Will View Your Profile

As usual, throughout your editing/translating process, you can always review how others will see your profile by clicking on the “View My Profile” tab. We’ve added the profile language drop down to the right hand corner of this page as well, so that you can always review your profile in all the languages into which you’ve translated it.

Starting today, LinkedIn members that use the site in Spanish will typically see the Spanish version of your profile on LinkedIn. And as LinkedIn continues to move into other languages & markets, the correct translation of your profile will be shown to members using or searching the site in those other languages.

LinkedIn’s new Search experience will also allow members to find profiles in a particular language.

5. Now Tell Us What You Think

We’re still very early in adjusting LinkedIn for the needs of our multilingual and multinational professionals. So whether you find this feature useful or not, please let us know by leaving a comment on this post or clicking on the “Help Improve LinkedIn” link at the bottom of any page on the site.

Now, edit your LinkedIn profile in different languages