Michael Eisner asks you which CEO embodies innovation

November 21, 2008

Just a few months ago Michael Friedenberg, CEO of CXO Media asked what three qualities best describes a CIO. And, just a few weeks ago former CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner, asked the perfect follow-up question:

which CEO and/or company most successfully, consistently and thoroughly embodies innovation to maximize business results?

Almost 800 professionals answered the question. While a few answers predicted the demise of the "Star-CEO" role, the majority cited examples of CEOs such as Steve Jobs or companies like Southwest Airlines and Google.

Here's a sampling:

Neal Lachman, Chairman & CEO at N.S. Lachman & Co.

We may have some visionary founder or executive that will occasionally play the charismatic CEO role, but the era of the CEO as the poster-child of great innovation and great leadership is gone due to the job-hopping tendencies of today's (short-term minded) CEOs.

Patrick Hayes, Vice President, CSMG

Apple has done amazing things with computing and more recently Consumer Electronics devices. They have a unnatural ability to bring out converged platforms and extend CE devices with an obsession for the form/factor itself and more importantly the surrounding value added services and products. For example, iPod went from a product, to a platform to a full-fledged eco-system of products and services.

And, like it or not they changed the way record labels, artists, etc. view the distribution and monetization of music now. They're doing it again with iPhone.

Browse the rest of the 777 answers here.

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