“I’ve made millions of dollars through LinkedIn” – Jeff Ragovin, Buddy Media

December 5, 2008

Our LinkedIn success stories have illuminated previously why it's important to find the right person at a company. For Jeff Ragovin, doing just that has netted his company "over two to three million dollars".

"I look at my network on LinkedIn," Jeff tells us, "And I look at that as a gold mine." As the VP of Sales and Business Development at Buddy Media, Jeff brings in marquis clients like Anheuser-Busch, Microsoft and New Balance by reaching out to the right person with a valuable proposal. Jeff says they're more inclined to reply when approached via LinkedIn, because "they already have the opportunity to look you up ... and maybe even see in your network where you have 14 recommendations. So there's trust." Perhaps that trust is why Jeff likes to keep his network "large but lean".

"It's not a numbers game," Jeff says. "It's not about how many people can I have in my network. With LinkedIn, it's about how many qualified people that are valuable to me." Jeff's track record suggests that success is found in quality, rather than quantity. Though as quantities go, $2-3 million is nothing to sniff at.

LinkedIn User Snapshot

Who: Jeff Ragovin, VP, Sales and Business Development, Buddy Media (New York, NY)

How: Jeff has brought in "millions of dollars" through LinkedIn by finding the right person at a company to offer a valuable proposal to.

LinkedIn Tip from Jeff

Come recommended and reach out to the right person at the right company:

• Update your professional summary and request recommendations from your LinkedIn contacts who know what you do best
Search for the right person to connect with by job title, company, location or keyword
• Review profiles to see if they're a fit for your proposal and request an introduction through a common connection, or send an InMail directly to that person

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