Most Popular LinkedIn Apps in 2008

December 22, 2008

It's been just a couple of months since we announced the launch of our application platform on Open Social and we felt it'd be a great way to wrap up the year with a list of some of the most popular apps on LinkedIn. A description of each app is followed by a quick demo from creators of the application. Have a favorite app that's not in the list below? Leave a comment.

1. LinkedIn Company Buzz (Install app)

Want to track what your customers and users are saying about your company? Every second, a wide swath of your user base are sending out messages about your company through blogs, twitter, and across the internet. Company Buzz taps into this information for you, to find the relevant trends and comments about your company.

Company Buzz demo by Jamie Templeton

2. Slideshare (Install app)

The SlideShare application allows you to not only view the presentations of all your connections, but also helps you identify experts for certain industries and topics. Most importantly it allows you to reinforce your professional reputation and brand by embedding SlideShare presentations in your LinkedIn profile to feature your portfolio and work.

Slideshare demo by Rashmi Sinha

3. Reading List by Amazon (Install app)

The perfect LinkedIn app for the holiday season - Amazon’s Reading List application allows you to discover what people in your network and industry are reading. Start by adding the books that are relevant to you– those that you’re planning to, are currently, or have already read. Likewise you can then discover the latest books that your network and peers in your industry are reading.

Reading List demo by Ian McAllister

4. My Travel by Tripit (Install app)

My travel allows outbound professionals on LinkedIn to let their trusted colleagues know when they will be in the same city. The My Travel application allows you to easily meet up at the next industry event or re-connect with old friends. Start off the new year by reconnecting with that old colleague of yours, at next year's first conference you'll be attending.

My Travel demo by Will Aldrich

5. Google Presentations (Install app)

Yet another effective way to represent your professional brand on LinkedIn. Add a presentation to your LinkedIn profile to showcase a recent talk or presentation, display a visual portfolio of your professional accomplishments, or introduce yourself to recruiters and professional contacts viewing your profile. It’s easy to get started. Upload a Powerpoint file or use Google’s free online application to create your presentation, then post it to your profile for others to view.

Google Presentations demo by Sissie Hsiao

Check out the rest of the apps here. Quick tip: An easy way for you to access the apps that you've installed on LinkedIn is through your homepage sidebar between the "Inbox" and "Add your connections" tab. Check it out now.