Top 10 LinkedIn Stories of 2008

December 24, 2008

It's been an extremely busy year at LinkedIn, marked by a continual stream of announcements (product and otherwise) that made it on to our blog (Subscribe to the LinkedIn Blog). We believe a great way to cap off the year would be to pick the 10 most popular blog posts, which gives you a fair sense for the milestones we've covered in the past 12 months.

Here are the top 10 LinkedIn stories of 2008!

1. Announcing LinkedIn Mobile (includes an iPhone version) by Brandon Duncan

The growth in the Mobile Social Networking space this year coupled with the enormous interest in the iPhone may have contributed to the popularity of our LinkedIn Mobile post that Brandon Duncan wrote in February of this year. The post included a video by Jerry Luk demoing LinkedIn's mobile app.

Today, I’d like to announce LinkedIn mobile for any Web enabled wireless phones that use the wireless application protocol (WAP). What that allows you to do is access LinkedIn from any mobile device ranging from your Blackberry to iPhone.

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2. Now companies too have profiles on LinkedIn by Maisy Samuelson

In March of this year, we launched the ability for companies to have profiles on LinkedIn. Maisy wrote a blog post around that, with an accompanying 3 minute demo of the product feature.

Starting now, you’ll be able to see over 160,000 profiles of companies on LinkedIn, ranging from Fortune 500 companies (e.g. eBay) to philanthropic organizations (e.g. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) as well as LinkedIn’s own Company Profile page.  Company Profiles on LinkedIn is a succinct overview of a company’s industry data in combination with LinkedIn data along certain key metrics.

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3. Guess who's viewed your profile by Steven Stegman

"Who's viewed my Profile" along with "People You May Know" (see #5 below) are two of the most commented feature posts on our blog. This post was an introduction to the "who's viewed my profile" feature that can be accessed here.

Maybe you’ve wondered in the past who’s been viewing your profile. If so, you’re not alone — it’s been one of our most common feature requests. I’m very happy to announce that we launched a new feature that’ll both tell you how many people have viewed your profile in the past week as well as reveal some interesting characteristics about them.

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4. LinkedIn's new redesigned homepage with Status by Elliot Shmukler

This was the first of a series of posts blogged by Elliot on the homepage features. This post, published in February, hints at the LinkedIn homepage redesign that was being rolled out to millions of our users. It also led to the infamous blooper reel from Elliot.

On many past occasions I’ve blogged about incremental changes being made to the LinkedIn homepage design, so I’m really glad to announce the complete redesign of the LinkedIn homepage and am going to to walk you through some of those changes in a demo that you can find below.

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5. Learn more about "People You May Know" by Jonathan Goldman

As I mentioned above, yet another of those "Aha" inspiring features on LinkedIn. Jonathan walks us through the three steps of using the feature - Find, Fine-tune and See more.

We’ve recently enhanced “People you may know” by expanding it to more users and providing a means for you to give us feedback about the quality of the recommendations. This feature has been around for almost a year and the goal is to suggest people you may want to connect to.

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6. Announcing Applications on LinkedIn by Reid Hoffman

The most linked to post this entire year received trackbacks from every major tech outlet from Business Week to TechCrunch. The post also featured a video with intro demos from all of our application partners.

This initial roll out features productivity applications that range from gathering information that professionals around you are generating to enhancing your abilities to collaborate and communicate more effectively. You’ll be able to work much more closely with your contacts on LinkedIn with tools such as file sharing, project management, business trips and many more.

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7. CNBC gets LinkedIn by Dan Nye

Dan wrote a post announcing the launch of LinkedIn's collaboration with CNBC  and its three broad implications for our 33 million users. This post was also accompanied by a question that Dan asked on LinkedIn Answers.

Today, I’d like to announce the start of our collaboration with one of the most recognized leaders in global business news – CNBC! This collaboration includes CNBC integrating LinkedIn’s community and networking functionality into, enabling users to share and discuss news with their professional networks.

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8. Bain Capital Ventures joins the LinkedIn team by Dan Nye

In June of this year, Dan announced the addition of Bain Capital ventures to our existing round of investors. The post also featured a quick 5 minute video from our investors on the partnership, which included further details.

Today I am happy to announce that LinkedIn has raised additional funding from our original investors and added another world-class investor to our team. Bain Capital Ventures joins our existing group of investors - Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, and Bessemer Ventures - and leads this round of investment at a total of $53 million.

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9. Announcing LinkedIn's new Search platform by Esteban Kozak

The most recent post on our Top 10 list, features our new search platform announcement from November of this year. Esteban walks us through the various features both in the post as well walking us through the features in a video demo.

The new search platform at LinkedIn is redefining the way professionals go about finding talent, business partners, customers or a former colleague. Here is a video that summarizes some of the key features in the new search experience, followed by key elements of the new functionality.

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10. Announcing LinkedIn Searchable Groups directory by Ben Guthrie

LinkedIn Groups has grown tremendously this past year. The Searchable Groups directory kicked off a slew of critical enhancements to the Groups functionality on LinkedIn. No wonder, it found it's place on our Top 10 list for the year.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of LinkedIn’s Groups Directory on Friday, July 11! With over 90,000 groups on LinkedIn, it was about time to make the complete list easily accessible by our members. The goal with this feature is to make it easier for people to find groups to join, and we think the directory goes a long way toward achieving that goal.

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Stay tuned to the LinkedIn blog as we continue to bring you the latest in professional networking, product announcements, and user success stories. Feel free to leave us a comment or two, any feedback or suggestion in making this content more accessible to you. And, last but not the least, Happy Holidays! See you in the New Year!

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