Announcing Targeted LinkedIn Polls

January 15, 2009

I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept “the wisdom of crowds”. Pretty cool stuff, right? Today, we're launching a product that will allow you to leverage the wisdom of your professional network on LinkedIn.

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Think of the possibilities:

  • Could you make decisions faster if you could ask a question to 500 professionals who fit the profile for your target customers?
  • What if you could test your marketing message on 250 small business owners in your region before launching your marketing campaign for the quarter?
  • Could you refine your go-to-market strategy if you could understand how the point of view of technology professionals varies depending on company size?

The idea of allowing you to quickly and cost effectively gather input and insight from the right group of people, is what is behind the new targeted LinkedIn Polls product that we’re launching today. Built on our inApps platform, LinkedIn polls allows you to create a poll, target it to a specific professional audience, and then analyze the results of your poll.

Some of the key features include:

  • See how poll results vary by looking at demographics. We know that all professionals don’t think alike, and that’s why we break down poll responses based on the demographics of respondents to show you how variables such as company size, job title, job function, age or gender change the way people respond to your question.


  • The ability to create a poll and send it to one of two groups: (1) send it to a target group of professionals ($50 minimum) or (2) poll your network (for free)


  • My Polls page allows you to easily find the results pages from polls you’ve answered in the past. This is where we archive all polls you’ve answered.  If you want to see updated results from a poll you took a few days ago this is the place to go to.


We hope LinkedIn Polls helps you get the insights you need, from the right people, faster.

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