Nächste Haltestelle: Deutsch

February 4, 2009

With increasing international travel and interaction, we know how critical communication is to commerce. And while English is used in parts of the world, many of us would like the option to do business in our native language.

So it’s time to say Vielen Dank to all of our German-speaking members who can now start using LinkedIn auf Deutsch!

We started our internationalization efforts in July 2008 with the launch of our Spanish language site. And, since then we've also added the French version last November. Globally, LinkedIn has over 35 million professionals on the site giving you unrivaled potential to expand your network, with over 9 million members from Europe alone. Next Station: German!

LinkedIn’s global network adds approximately one new member every second, and now we’re glad to present LinkedIn's functionality auf Deutsch to millions of German speakers worldwide. Send us your feedback on what you like about the German site and how we can improve it further.

Willkommen bei LinkedIn!