Display your professional network on other websites

February 13, 2009

Have you ever thought of displaying the public LinkedIn profiles of companies or professionals on your blog or web site? Well, now you can! We recently released a couple of widgets that allow you to easily display information about your professional network and your company profile from within the confines of your blog or website. Given below are a couple of widgets that allow you to do exactly that:

1. Profile Widget:

Profile widget allows you to display a LinkedIn profile for any member with a public profile, either as a pop up or displayed inline within your content. The Profile widget displays the public profile of any member when you click on the IN logo. For e.g. check out the IN logo right next to the author's name on this blog. Your users can then click through to see the full LinkedIn profile page, including how they may be related and communication options.


So, now those public profiles are easily displayed on any website or blog, always in line with the privacy controls of the user who owns the profile. The Profile widget takes the public profile URL as the key for looking up the profile. This will work well for many, but if you need to use a different key value, let us know using this form.

Grab the Profile Widget code

2. Company Insider Widget:

The Company Insider widget is a simple Javascript widget you can place on your HTML pages to show your user how many people they know at any company. You can put the widget on your page as many times as you want and there are three different presentation formats that you can use including popup and always-open options. In general, you can only use one of these formats on each HTML page. Given below is the version you see on BusinessWeek pages.


Grab the Company Widget code for your website