Get more Direct with your LinkedIn Ads

March 11, 2009

Since we released LinkedIn DirectAds last year thousands of LinkedIn members, from small businesses to consultants and job seekers, have purchased DirectAds to promote their business and services to other professionals on the site. With over 37 million members today, LinkedIn is a prime place to reach out to a targeted demographic of professionals.

Over time, we’ve collected great feedback from members who have purchased DirectAds and have gone to work addressing a number of their biggest requests. This past week, we rolled out a slew of new features for DirectAds that will allow you even greater flexibility in reaching out to your target audience.

Here are just three of the biggest enhancements to DirectAds lately:

1. Access to a global audience

Starting this week, DirectAds expands its reach allowing you to promote your products and services to professionals around the globe. It now includes the option to target professionals from Australia, Canada, India, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, in addition to those from the United States.

2. More pricing options for more cost-effective advertising

We’re also happy to give you the option to pay per click, in addition to the option of purchasing advertisements by impressions. Paying by the click (CPC) will be an incredibly cost-effective way for you to promote the website of your small business or service to targeted professionals across LinkedIn.

3. Easier payments for DirectAds

We’ve eased the payment process for our advertising members. As mentioned earlier, you can now pay either per clicks or impressions from your entire account with a single transaction, and we won’t charge you until after you have a clear picture on the cost per thousand impressions or the cost per click for your ad.

Get started with DirectAds here. And, please continue to send us your questions or suggestions to