Helping Right Management, help you find a job

March 11, 2009

Since the start of the recession in December 2007, millions of jobs have been lost both in the US as well as globally, easily exceeding any previous downturn in the last half a century. While finding jobs is one piece of the equation, getting a job is most closely related to successful professional networking and that’s where LinkedIn can help.

We are focused on helping our members leverage their LinkedIn profile and business relationships to uncover these new opportunities whenever, wherever. A case in point is the partnership we announced with Right Management, the largest global provider of outplacement solutions. Integrating LinkedIn's functionality and networking capabilities with Right Management services allows job seekers the ability to maintain a competitive edge in this challenging economic environment by leveraging their LinkedIn network while they look for a job.

If you’re using Right Management’s outplacement services, in this challenging job market, their career consultants will work with you to develop your LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise and provide you with specialized training to ensure the benefits of LinkedIn are fully maximized in your job hunt.

Update your LinkedIn profile and enhance the number of your connections on LinkedIn to build your professional brand before you need it.